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Apple’s ACSP certification test

"The one-on-one lessons were the best way for me to learn.

Jennifer could judge my progress and direct her teaching according to my needs in an intelligible and comprehensible fashion and provided written information to catch up on my own time.

Her communication skills are specific and most enjoyable.
I highly recommend Jennifer"

Marie S.

Private Computer Lessons

Computer Tutor For Seniors has recently teamed up with eGurus Technology Tutors to provide private computer lessons in your own home to make learning easy and convenient. We specialize in both Apple Mac & Microsoft platforms.

You don't have to be new to a computer to benefit from private computer lessons. Let a Computer Tutor for Senior show you some useful computer lessons to help make your computer experience more enjoyable and beneficial.

Benefits of a Private Computer Tutor


Learning on your own computer provides a consistent learning environment. This allows your private computer tutor to fully customize your private computer lessons, computer settings and software programs to match your specifics needs and aid with any disabilities.


Private computer tutors bring flexibility into your schedule. You can choose the frequency of your personal computer lessons and eliminate any concerns of falling behind in class due to illness, travel or needing more time on a certain lesson.


Private computer tutors provide computer instruction for seniors free of competition. You are able to ask for help and questions during your private computer lesson without feeling intimidated by other students. The private computer lessons are personally specialized for seniors, allowing you to progress at your own pace.


Private Computer Tutors provide flexibility within their private computer lesson plans. This allows the private computer tutor the abililty to troubleshoot and help with any computer problems or issues the seniors may be experiencing.